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Welcome to State Conveyor Service, Inc.
Material handling conveyor specialist
We help you solve your material handling problems

We do turnkey material handling systems
Complete Package Handling Conveyor systems Complete Overhead Trolley Conveyor systems
(Including Conveyor Systems Engineering & Installation)    (Since 1962)  also

We design, furnish, engineer and Install turnkey Industrial Material Handling Conveyors, Overhead Conveyors and plant assembly lines of all kinds,---Overhead Trolley Conveyor Systems, Overhead Monorail Conveyor Systems, Overhead Power & Free Conveyors, Chain Conveyor Systems, Paint Line Conveyor Systems, Package Handling Conveyor Systems, Pallet Handling Conveyor Systems, Line Shaft Conveyor Systems, Belt Conveyors, Bulk Material Handling Systems, Assembly Line Conveyor Systems, Product Storage Conveyor Systems, Food Processing Conveyors, Manipulator Systems and Overhead Hoist Systems to your requirements and specification. We help you solve your Material Handling conveyor system problems. (Also complete millwright services available)


We can provide you with your Individual Conveyor component products, single Industrial Conveyors or complete Engineered Industrial Conveyor Systems and Industrial Material Handling Systems for almost any type of manufacturing , sorting, and storage needs your company may have. (Check our product list section). Over 40 years of experience has enabled us to develop the knowledge and expertise to provide you the customer with the best solutions to your Material Handling needs. Beginning with the personal contact at the inception of the project and continuing through the final stages of your Material Handling System, our staff of skilled experts and technician’s works together as a team to design, develop, manufacture, install and complete your customized Material Handling System. Our sales engineers, designers, electrical and mechanical engineers, computer experts, fabrication specialists, installation technicians, and service representatives all work together with you to help design and complete successful Material Handling Systems for your custom needs. After your Material Handling System is engineered and manufactured, a team of trained project managers, mechanical & electrical installers, and software computer technicians properly set your custom Conveyor System for your use. We also provide on site training for your personal as required.

                                                  Complete Systems Services Provided

     Industrial Package Handling Conveyor Systems of all kinds: (Gravity conveyor and ball transfers) (Line shaft conveyor) (Power horizontal and incline belt conveyor) (Belt driven live roll conveyor) (CDLR conveyors-Chain driven live roll conveyor) (Accumulation conveyor) (Chain transfer conveyor) (Continuous lift) (Trough conveyors) (Steel belt conveyors) (Specialty conveyor) (Complete Conveyor replacement parts of all kinds) (Pallet Racks) (Misc. used conveyors) and more.

      Industrial Overhead Trolley Conveyor Systems of all kinds: (I-beam style overhead monorail trolley conveyor) (Enclosed track style overhead trolley conveyor) (T-rail style overhead trolley conveyor) (Power & free style over head trolley conveyor) (Chain conveyor) (Overhead hoist) (Overhead power and free systems) (Manipulator systems) and more.


Unparalleled customer service is the cornerstone of our business

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